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Free eBooks April 1 – April 5 Nobody Can Take My Happy Away by Jessica Arnold + Book 2

6 Years Later: Nobody Still Can’t Take Our Happy Away

NEW BOOK RELEASE and FREE EBOOKS by Author Jessica Arnold

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For the debut of Jessica Arnold’s new book, “Nobody Still Can’t Take My Happy Away” (the sequel to “Nobody Can Take My Happy Away”) the author is giving away both books for FREE for a limited time: April 1, 2018 – April 5, 2018. We would also like to take some time remembering the hard work and inspiration behind the first book, now a new series by Jessica: Emily’s World.

The Story of “Nobody Can Take My Happy Away”

“Nobody Can Take My Happy Away” was written and illustrated in 2012, making this six years between both books in the series. Originally, the book wasn’t going to have a sequel, but Jessica decided in 2016 that the popularity of the first book combined with the positive feedback we received warranted a new adventure for Emily and her friends.

In “Nobody Can Take My Happy Away”, the main character Emily finds herself at a new school. She struggles to find friends and experiences bullying on her first days there. Jessica was inspired to write this book after bullying she experienced. I felt that the first hand experience she brought to the book makes it stand out among others. This book became one of the earliest books to be self-published with a story about bullying at a time when awareness was increasing about this issue facing children and families. The second book, “Nobody Still Can’t Take My Happy Away” continues the tradition of Jessica inventing her own unique titles to designate her books (I don’t intend on changing a thing, the titles are part of the charm).

About the Illustrations

“Nobody Can Take My Happy Away” was published when the author was twelve years old. The square faces of the characters she drew came from Jessica’s imagination. Readers will be happy to know she has expanded on that extraordinary universe with more characters and settings. The series “Emily’s World” will continue. It’s amazing to me (as Jessica’s mother) that my daughter became a bestselling youth author on Amazon at the age of 12. I’m also proud that at 18, Jessica decided she missed writing about Emily enough to give her another story!

The colorful illustrations in the sequel are a result of a change in the way we illustrate our books. From 2013-2017, we relied on digital technology to colorize the hand drawn illustrations in our books. This year, I set those technologies aside to colorize Jessica’s drawings with illustration markers and color pencils manually – specifically Prismacolor. These were a favorite of mine while creating art in high school. After testing these products out on the first illustration, Jessica was happy with the result (she’s precise when it comes to her books!) and gave me the green light to use them on every illustration. The result is a book filled with the brightest of colors to make Jessica’s imaginative drawings and story come to life! Other than the necessary scanning for the illustrations in the book, there’s been little or no Photoshop.

A Special Note to the Readers from 4 Oak Books

As a thank you to readers, both Jessica and I hope you enjoy both of these books for free. 2018. The print version is also available (Nobody Still Can’t Take My Happy Away is 9.99).

In closing, I would like to thank you, the reader. We appreciate every one of you and we can’t thank you enough for being part of Jessica’s journey as an author and illustrator of her own books. Your readership allows us to continue doing what we love to do, make books! With so many choices available, we are delighted that you choose to read our stories. We’ve been self-publishing books together as a family since 2011, and we can’t express enough what a gift that is. Thank you always for reading along!

~ Patricia Arnold, Artist, Designer and Author @writeartdesign

Author Jessica Arnold

“I’ve had the rare chance of growing up as an author. If it wasn’t for the readers, this wouldn’t be possible. Thank you for helping me do what I love.” – Jessica Arnold, Author.

From the Emily’s World series by Jessica Arnold

NEW!!! Nobody Still Can’t Take My Happy Away by Jessica Arnold FREE April 1, 2018 – April 5, 2018

Nobody Can Take My Happy Away by Jessica Arnold FREE April 1, 2018 – April 5, 2018

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